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Our pension solutions are based on the rules of private banking. With our solutions you can manage and accumulate your retirement assets in a value-added individual way.

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Creative pension models for entrepreneurs and their managers who like taking their own decisions: You can tailor your management pension plan to your own requirements with our flexible and return-oriented investment solutions.

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Private Clients

Retirement solutions based on the private banking model: We offer innovative, value-added solutions for individuals’ pension assets. We can help you to optimise the tax benefits of your pension provision and align it with your private assets.

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Personal advice

We are here for you. We provide a personal retirement coach to work with you through all your future provisions, taxation and investment issues.

Personal responsibility

You are the owner of your pension assets. You benefit personally from the growth of your assets.


“As individual as possible” is our motto. You choose the investment strategy and the bank that suit you best.

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