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PensFlex 1e collective foundation 

The PensFlex collective foundation is a pioneer in modern occupational pension provision. We enable companies and the self-employed to build up an occupational pension system designed to meet the specific needs of the company and its employees.

In PensFlex, PensExpert developed sustainable and flexible pension schemes 20 years ago that are based on individualisation, self-determination and personal responsibility. We treat each insured as a stand-alone pension fund. 


You decide on your personal investment strategy individually, entrepreneurially and under your own responsibility.


You receive full transparency regarding costs and performance.

Investment success

The performance of your assets is credited 100% to your personal retirement custodian account.
«We like the way PensExpert supports the individuality of our management employees in terms of their personal pension provision.»
Zeno Böhm
Burkhalter Group

Why PensFlex?

There are many good reasons for choosing PensFlex. A well-structured management pension scheme is an important remuneration package component. Tax-optimised management pension provision is an important criterion for many managers due to the reallocation to the 2nd pillar.

A brief overview

Year of foundation


Foundation domicile


Foundation board

Marcus Waldispühl, Meggen (Chairman)
Dionys Berwert, Meggen
Franziska Bur Bürgin, Gipf-Oberfrick
Sebastien Godin, Cham

Management and Consulting

PensExpert AG


Mobiliar Lebensversicherungsgesellschaft

Pension fund expert

Dominique Koch, Dipeka AG, Basel


Convisa Revisions AG, Schwyz


Zentralschweizer BVG und Stiftungsaufsicht (ZBSA)

Jacqueline Müller
Marketing & Communication

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