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PensFree vested benefits foundation

Are you planning an extended stay abroad, further training or a career break after many years of working? We enable you to structure your pension provision according to your requirements. PensFree is the independent vested benefits institution with an extensive selection of investment solutions. 

Investment advantages

You are free to choose your banking partner and investment strategy at advantageous fund fees.

Flexible capital withdrawal

You are free to choose when to withdraw your assets from five years before the AHV retirement age. Let us advise you.

Low tax at source rate

Bags packed? Check. Passport? Check. Pension provision? Benefit from the attractive tax rates of Canton Schwyz, where the foundation is headquartered.

Why PensFree?

A vested benefits account secures occupational provisions if you exit your pension fund without joining a new pension scheme straight away. We enable you to plan a career break with a clear pension strategy plus associated investment solution.



It is worth transferring your pension assets to two different vested benefits institutions when leaving the pension fund. Why? Your retirement capital may not be paid out in tranches from a vested benefits institution. We can arrange a split for you through our vested benefit foundations PensFree and Independent.

The PensFree vested benefits foundation is ideal for anyone

  • exiting their pension fund, whether permanently or temporarily
  • carefully planning early retirement
  • moving abroad or returning to their home country
  • with surplus capacity prior to joining a new pension fund
  • starting self-employment

A brief overview

Year of foundation


Foundation headquarter


Foundation board

Marcus Waldispühl, Meggen (Chairman)
Dionys Berwert, Meggen
Mark Huber, Galgenen
Ivan Brot, Wangen (SZ)

Management and Consulting

PensExpert AG


Convisa Revisions AG, Schwyz


Zentralschweizer BVG- und Stiftungsaufsicht (ZBSA)

Arta Lulaj
Head Digital Strategy

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