Personalised investment


Mixed strategy profiles

PensFree offers you numerous mixed strategy profiles from investment foundations and investment funds depending on your personal risk capacity and risk appetite. You benefit from institutional rates for all your investment solutions. This brings tangible cost advantages, thus adding value to your assets.


Free choice of bank, free choice of strategy

PensFree works with various banks, investment foundations and fund providers. The choice of bank and implementation type of your investment strategy is entirely yours. A mortgage to finance an owner-occupied home brings you additional added value.


Benefit from our network

Investment is a trust-based business. If you join PensFree, you can select a bank from our exclusive network in addition to our founding partner Reichmuth & Co:

  • Bordier & Cie

  • Julius Bär & Co AG

  • Raiffeisenbank Basel

  • Raiffeisenbank Sarine-Ouest

  • Raiffeisenbank Ajoie

  • Reichmuth & Co

  • Sparkasse Schwyz

  • Thurgauer Kantonalbank

  • UBS Switzerland AG

  • Vontobel AG

  • Zähringer Privatbank AG

Available investment funds

Strategy profiles

Investment strategies with a discretionary asset management mandate

The advantages of a customised investment strategy are most effective if you want to use specific securities or special themes, such as infrastructures or sustainable investments for your selected strategy. These strategies are only suitable for larger retirement asset volumes for diversification purposes. You attain maximum benefit when you align your retirement portfolio with your private assets.


PensExpert mortgage: an investment gem

Provide your own credit. PensFree offers you a unique opportunity to finance your own mortgage through your vested benefits in the form of a fund investment.

A homeowner usually takes a mortgage from a bank and pays interest on the loan. However, with the “IST2 Hypotheken Wohnen” investment group of the IST2 Investment Foundation, many insured parties invest part of their pension capital in the same fund and receive a corresponding mortgage as a private person.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • attractive alternative to fixed-income securities

  • low-risk investment for improved retirement custodian account stability

  • mortgage possible up to 100% of your pension capital

  • tax-related interest rate discount

  • tax-deductible distribution to the retirement custodian account

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