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PensUnit is our creative response to state over-regulation of 1e pension solutions.

Why PensUnit

We enable companies and the self-employed to build up their customised management pension provision through a standard investment strategy. The cooperation with our reinsurance partner Mobiliar also offers attractive risk premiums.

Splitting and Attractive risk premiums

Well-informed executives and talents are becoming more and more hesitant to use their extra-mandatory pension assets to help finance the excessively high uniform conversion rate and minimum interest guarantee provided for in the mandatory occupational pension plan. For this reason, PensUnit relies on split pension models.

Tax advantages for your company

Learn how extra employer financing for executive pension contributions instead of a salary increase adds genuine value through the tax relief for the employer and employee.

Tax benefits for your executives

Due to the redistribution in the 2nd pillar, a tax-optimized executive pension plan is an important criterion for many executives. Is someone in your company planning to retire early or interested in voluntary purchase? We will be happy to support you with tax planning and the choice of the right instruments.

The right investment strategy for your pension fund

PensUnit offers your pension fund various legally compliant and risk-profile based investment strategies. Each insured member participates equally in the investment result of the selected strategy.

«PensExpert focuses on interpersonal bonding instead of just compliance.»
Roger Huber
exclusive leadership support GmbH


You choose the right investment strategy for your pension fund.

Investment success

The return on your investment is allocated 100% to your pension fund’s custodian account.

Tax optimization

You benefit from increased purchasing potential and thus save taxes.

A brief overview

Year of foundation


Foundation domicile


Foundation Board

Marcus Waldispühl, Meggen (Chairman)
Franziska Bur Bürgin, Basel
Dionys Berwert, Meggen
Sebastien Godin, Cham

Management and Consulting

PensExpert AG


Mobiliar Lebensversicherungsgesellschaft

Pension fund expert

Dominique Koch, Dipeka AG, Basel


Convisa Revisions AG, Schwyz


Zentralschweizer BVG- und Stiftungsaufsicht (ZBSA)

Alan Mastria
Head of Northwestern Switzerland Region

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