Flexible planning - tailored to your basic pension fund

We design creative and customised retirement plans for you that conform to the legal framework. PensFlex offers you the opportunity to align your 1e pension plan to your basic pension fund freely and optimally – at attractive risk premiums. You can offer your staff three different plans to choose from.

Who benefits from PensFlex?

  • Company owners

  • The self-employed

  • Managers and talented employees

  • People on assignment and expatriates


Freedom of design through splitting

We are living in times of massive and non-systemic redistributions of occupational provisions. Split pension models do not accommodate these unwanted redistributions. The extra mandatory component of occupational provisions is managed in a separate 1e pension foundation – known as 1e models – for pension solutions with a free choice of investment strategy. PensFlex lets you decide whether to bring your current extra mandatory pension credit from your former pension fund to the new PensFlex 1e solution.


Attractive risk premiums

Pure savings plans are not allowed for management pension provisions. Risk benefits are also insured as per the concept of precaution. At least 4% of total contributions for risk benefits must be used for the risk insurance. All PensFlex death and disability risk benefits are 100% reinsured with Mobiliar. As the PensFlex collective foundation has had a very positive claims experience since its foundation in 2000, you benefit from extremely attractive risk premiums as the insured party.

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