Personalised investment

The pension fund selects the right investment strategy

In addition to a low-risk savings investment account, PensUnit offers your pension fund various legally compliant and risk-profile based investment strategies. Each insured member participates equally in the investment result of the selected strategy.

Selected and specialized partner banks also offer tailored investment strategies with individual stocks and/or pure funds and ETF’s. Such investment solutions are implemented under a discretionary asset management mandate. The following banks belong to our selected partner network:


What is a pension insurance scheme?

A pension insurance scheme is an affiliated company within a pension fund. This includes the employer, the employees (assured persons) and the pension beneficiaries. More than 300 independent pension funds are affiliated with PensUnit.


Free choice of investment, also for the reserves

The collective fluctuations reserves to be established by the employer as well as the voluntary employer’s contribution can be managed under a separate deposit for the pension fund. The pension fund can also select the investment strategy independently for each deposit.

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PensExpert mortgage: an investment gem

The PensExpert mortgage is very attractive, especially when investment opportunities are scarce. In the current climate, a reasonably secure bond does not offer a similar yield on maturity following deduction of administrative costs.

A homeowner usually takes a mortgage from a bank and pays interest on the loan. However, with the “IST2 Hypotheken Wohnen” investment group, many insured parties invest part of their pension capital in the same fund and receive a corresponding mortgage as a private person.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • attractive alternative to fixed-income securities

  • low-risk investment for improved retirement custodian account stability

  • mortgage possible up to 85% of your pension capital

  • tax-related interest rate discount

  • tax-deductible distribution to the retirement custodian account

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