The tax advantages for your managers

Use the tax possibilities

A well-structured management pension scheme is an important remuneration package component. Tax-optimised management pension provision is an important criterion for a growing number of managers due to reallocations within the 2nd pillar. Find out more about the tax advantages here. Your PensExpert retirement coach will be happy to support you in your tax planning and selecting the right instruments.  

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Voluntary purchases

Future provisions is a means to invest in a tax-free setting. Why is it in your interest to pay into the 2nd pillar as much as possible? You do not pay any wealth tax on all the capital accumulated in PensUnit. Nor do you pay any income tax on the dividend and interest rate income from your pension capital. Voluntary purchases are therefore worthwhile.

You also reduce your taxable income and therefore your tax burden. Your advantages at a glance:

  • You improve your retirement provision.
  • You can achieve your goal of early retirement with good planning.
  • You save taxes by reducing your taxable income.
  • A future capital withdrawal is modestly taxed in most cantons.

Have you moved to Switzerland from another country? 

If you have never been affiliated to a Swiss pension fund, you have special buy-in rights: 

  • The annual buy-in may not exceed 20% of the insured salary.

  • This ceiling applies for the first five years following affiliation to a Swiss pension fund.

Online Purchasing Calculator

What is the effect of a voluntary purchase in your pension fund? Calculate the effect on your retirement capital and your tax liability with our purchasing calculator.


Would you like to retire early?

Do you wish to stop working early or reduce your working hours from a certain age? You can do that through voluntary purchases if you start planning and arranging the financing early enough. Our experts will be happy to support you.

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