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What are the advantages of myPensPortal?

As an insured person in the PensFlex and PensUnit collective foundations, you can now get a full digital overview of your insurance data and your pension relationships.

  • Simple and secure login

  • Information on voluntary purchases

  • Possibilities associated with your pension cover and attractive financing options for your owner-occupied home

  • Information on departure and the use of the termination benefits

  • Calculation of scenarios for retirement

  • Fast and secure communication

  • Protect the environment by avoiding the use of paper


obtain your most recent documents


myPensPortal is based on the latest security standards


accessible online

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Register with your user name and your personal initial password. Then follow the further steps and you will have all your insurance data at a glance.

After initial registration, you can log in easily and conveniently on Login myPensPortal with the following details:

  • Username (already verified email address or AHV number).

  • Personal password

Directly to registration / login


After initial registration via the web, you can download the myPensPortal app from Google Play or App Store. This allows you to manage your data easily, at any time and from anywhere.

Arta Lulaj
Member of the Extended Executive Board, Head IT and Digitalisation

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